Organize to Learn

Response process and relationship management: Can you organize to learn?

We think organizing to learn is a must as arts marketing professionals are asked to improve performance on fewer marketing dollars. We help our clients acquire knowledge, learn from it, and organize it for effective application to the planning and execution of direct response campaigns.

Learning takes place in three key areas:

  • Database development: Very often, an early step involves organizing clients’ existing  data into a relational database. We frequently consolidate multiple databases to unify multiple accounts and their related purchasing and other interactions into a single relational database centered on households. The relational database provides the foundation for determining baseline trends, modeling, market strategy, and campaign analysis.
  • Campaign Structure: Because customers and prospects express themselves through their actions or inaction, understanding their responses is a key source of competitive advantage. We help clients organize their direct response campaigns so they can learn from results. Campaign structure services include but are not linited to
    • Developing source codes and response management process flow
    • Devloping test structures
    • Assisting with script review
    • Assisting with the development of data collection procedures and data entry standards
  • Analysis, Reporting, and Recommendations: Using mail lists, response data, and purchasing data, we analyze and report on response rates, lead conversion rates, performance of different creatives, lists, media, channels, acquisition costs, etc. Every report includes recommendations based on our analysis of your customer data.

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We create working knowledge for our customers

Prospects and patrons express themselves most eloquently through their actions or their lack of action.  We help arts and culture organizations gain and use insights from their customer data from each marketing campaign.

These insights are working knowledge–knowledge that can be applied right now to increase the value of patrons by reducing new customer acquisition costs, increasing the frequency and amount of buying, reducing defection rates, and increasing referrals.