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Posted May 21, 2019

We are currently seeking to fill one position for a Data Analyst 1.

The ideal candidate for a data analyst position is self-motivated, detail oriented, and an exceptional time manager. This individual has a bachelor’s degree and three to five years of full-time work experience in a professional capacity. Academic and work experiences show a sincere desire for a career in data analysis. Academic and work experience showing an interest in the arts or supporting non-profits is a plus.

Education and work experience demonstrate an interest in learning and using new software tools. Experience with pivot tables, VLookup, PowerPivot, Power Query, and DAX a plus. Experience with SQL Server a plus. Interest in the arts or a personal experience of the arts would be positive attributes. Individual must have very strong writing skills and be able to communicate clearly on the telephone and in web conferences.

All employees work from home offices and have a mature appreciation of the challenges that a work-from-home career presents. Working from a home office requires self-discipline and focus.


  • Maintaining client data, including the performance of monthly data updates and preparing statistical models.
  • Preparing mail files for subscription, membership, and/or single ticket promotions. Includes cleaning names, standardizing addresses, and performing merge/purge.
  • Analyzing marketing promotions, and developing recommendations for future promotions, including but not limited to targeting, testing, offers, and timing.
  • Developing and managing client relationships, primarily through phone and email.
  • Attending web-based client meetings.
  • In time, the position also offers opportunities to assist in the preparation of data mining projects, including but not limited to demographic analysis, first-time buyer and life-time value analysis; and database construction.

Please click here for a PDF of the complete job description.